Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mulroney got kickbacks, Schreiber sez

With absolutely nothing to lose, Karlheinz Schreiber facing extradition from Canada said tonight that Brian Mulroney did in fact receive kickbacks from a number of sources including the Airbus sale to Air Canada -- although Mulroney didn't know about where the money came from. $300,000 worth. And while Mulroney did eventually disclose the payments and paid back taxes he and Schreiber jumped hoops to say what the money was supposed to be for -- consulting, exploring peacekeeping opportunities, and so forth.

This calls for a judicial inquiry. And if there's any evidence -- any at all -- that Mulroney was less than truthful he should be compelled to pay back the $2.1 million in legal expenses we had to pay to him when the Chrétien government "apologized."

Oh -- interesting footnote. At the end of the 5th Estate report, Linden McIntyre noted the Swiss are upset the Germans have been using sub poenaed Swiss bank account information to pursue tax evasion charges and want them to stop. Only thing with that -- not mentioned by Linden -- is that Switzerland is scheduled to join the Schengen Area next year (the borderless part of Europe, that is) and with open borders will come compulsory information sharing on security and criminal issues. The idea of bank secrecy in Europe is pretty much over unless you want to go next door to Liechtenstein.

Mulroney, who was just starting to regain a bit of class, is starting to look like the creep most of us thought he always was. And that's a truly pathetic notion.

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Anonymous said...

the thing that bothers me is the leaked doc that led to the $50M lawsuit... the McIntyre investigations hinted that Brian may have been lyin'; that perhaps it was Brian who leaked the letter. it would be illuminating to find out who, in fact, was behind the leak.