Friday, August 15, 2008

Edwards the cad

The more I hear about John Edwards, the more I wonder why he even got into politics in the first place. He has been a fine advocate for dealing with poverty issues which especially hit families hard, but was far less than grand in his conduct when it came to his own family -- as we all too well know now.

An article in today's NYT suggests the cover-up about his affair with Rielle Hunter may have more well known in inner circles, well known in fact in the legal community. The payouts to Hunter may also been more expensive than first thought. This is something that has been bugging me as well -- just how much money did she really get, and did Edwards' campaign pay others to cover up the affair or did Edwards pay off her from his own personal funds?

For instance, after the New Hampshire primary, I got this strange e-mail from Edwards (I had signed onto his mailing list) saying he needed to raise $265,000 so he could move his staff from Manchester to Columbia, South Carolina, pronto. I thought, how many "volunteers" does he need? Hasn't he heard of discount carriers, or Greyhound? I was also thinking at this point, although I didn't want to think it out loud personally or here, that if he was really that desperate, maybe it was over for his campaign.

Was some or all that money he purportedly needed hush money? And who was blackmailing him, if he was?

We don't know, because no one will say.

This just goes to show you, it's not normally a good idea to cheat on your spouse if there isn't abuse or drugs involved. Especially when your spouse has terminal cancer. And even if you made your millions taking on insurance companies.

To paraphrase Mike Myers: You will get caught. Oh yes. You will get caught.

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