Monday, December 8, 2008

Down to two

It's too bad it had to end like this, but perhaps in the end Stéphane Dion really didn't have much choice but to step aside. It would have been nice to see him serve as PM even if only for a few months, instead he'll just be a footnote in history ... and a joke for Conservatives from now until the Second Coming.

That leaves things down to Ignatieff and Rae. We need clarity -- say, by tonight at the latest -- about what the process will be and if there will even be a leadership vote by rank-and-file members of any kind.

Whoever the leader is, we also need to get our act straight. The budget comes down on January 27 which means a Ways and Means motion somewhere between January 28 and February 2. It is absolutely vital that there is a united voice and we still mean business when we say we want Harper out and merely changing the Con leader will simply mean same cart, different driver.

I don't know where this is headed although it must be some kind of joke for the Cons. But their time is running out. This isn't about East vs West. It's about Parliamentarism versus the mess they have in America and whether we want to go that route.

UPDATE (4:45 pm EST, 2145 GMT): Silly me. I forget the link.

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Anonymous said...

Select Ignatieff as the permanent leader and the party will be divided. The party is about to implode.

Anonymous said...

How about subverting our own process? Ignatieff no longer wants the membership to elect him he wants the caucus to elect him, but he'll allow the membership to "confirm" their anointment of him. He should win the leadership the right way!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, let's just appoint a leader... that way, when we call out Harper for proroguing Parliament, we will have... no argument against them! In fact, by our actions we will show that we support anti-democratic actions.

Anonymous said...

What has been set in motion may be the most pragmatic solution but it sure as heck ain't democratic.

That's a sure recipe for acrimony and division.