Monday, June 8, 2009

Sexy isotopes

Truly, one cannot make this stuff up. Bad-mouthing a fellow Cabinet member is one thing, but calling isotopes, radiation leaks and cancer "sexy"? I really don't need to comment on that one. The story practically writes itself. What was the line from a sitcom during the nineties: "Is that radium in your pocket, or are you happy just to see me?"

And the funny thing -- this time the reporter tried to return the tape recorder but it was refused. Who do we have running this country? And remember, this was the "hand-picked" woman that Harper shoved into Halton over the local constituency association's pick, and who wound up beating Garth Turner.

Lisa Raitt is to the Conservatives what Hedy Fry was to the Liberals; a giant killer turned non-stop Joke of the Day.

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James Curran said...

Um. Except for one thing. Dr. Fry continues to get re-elected over and over and over and over and over again. Not to mention she is the senior member of the caucus and the longest serving.

BlastFurnace said...

True, Jim ... but after her mistaken "burning crosses" comment, I don't think even Iggy would want her in his Cabinet even if it happened years ago.

She continues to be popular with her constituents, to be sure, but the actions of members can affect the image of the national party long after the damage is done (and cleaned up).

Condos in Toronto said...

That woman reminds me of Janet Napolitano and her views and stupid commentaries. Mrs. Raitt stepped over the line a bit though. You just don't say stuff like that, even when you're having a private conversation. Stuff like this really shows what a person's personality is. Hers is just ignorance and stupidity...

Take care, Elli