Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last dance for Dobbs at CNN

I don't think anyone saw this one coming, Lou Dobbs asked for and was released from his contract two years before it expires ... then again, Lou Dobbs was getting increasingly belligerent over the last six months. Not that he wasn't already but he may have finally worn out the patience of even the most tolerant editors at CNN.

He concluded tonight's show, his last, with "I'll be seeing you on the radio ..." à la Charles Osgood. Don't count on me tuning in.

It's almost certain he's going to settle in at Fox News any time now; proving just much of a comedy channel FNC is.

Indeed, he is the last of the original CNN anchors. Maybe they need to bring back one of the other originals -- that station is dead meat.

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1 comment:

penlan said...

Good riddance! He hasn't belonged on CNN for a very long time now. Let him go to Fox where his ego will be stroked & grow even more. I for one won't be watching him, nor will other CNN viewers with rational minds follow him anywhere.