Saturday, January 16, 2010

Never say it won't happen here

In a truly sad week when the earthquake in Haiti took untold tens of thousands, it's worth remembering -- never say it can't happen here, whether on the ground or in the middle of a lake.    We're familiar with the fault lines out west, but large parts of Ontario also are over fault or sub-fault zones and a major event could cripple us for weeks, especially a tsunami - like event on the lakes.   Yes, we do have tougher building codes, but seismic events can wreak havoc even in developed countries.  It can never hurt too much to be prepared.

The only beef I have is that the current government is capping matching funds for donations at $50 million.   We may still be in tough times but a humanitarian crisis should be an opportunity for an unlimited response as was the case with the Boxing Day Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.

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wilson said...

Harper took the cap off donations at presser today.