Monday, June 7, 2010

There are control freaks, and then there is ... PMS

Impolitical pretty much covers (and so I'll defer you to her) what I think of today's Canadian Press story about just how determined the Con government is to shape its message and how it's now gotten the non-partisan public service onside.   I've heard of control freaks but PMS merits his own dictionary entry on the subject.

To be honest, some Liberal PMs like Trudeau and Chrétien were masterful at shaping their image -- but this move to making a proposal on how to set up a media encounter of any kind makes me ask why anyone would want to work for the public service when their job is to serve the public, not whatever denomination and /or political stripe of the incumbent PM happens to be in play.   And what happened to the public servant whose job it was to provide non-partisan and honest advice to the executive and not being forced to shape the message with a pre-determined answer.

Even the British PMO doesn't have this much power -- several agencies are clearly out of Cabinet control and deliberately so.

Rather than have elections, let's call them what they've really become, which are presentations for who gets to be omnipotent and omnipresent dictator.

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