Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pope meant both men and women -- so he says

Follow-up on my last post.   There was some confusion about Joe Ratzinger's remarks about condoms and AIDS and whether he meant that it only applied to male prostitutes.   Today, a Vatican official clarified further, saying that the point of the comment was the partners having sex have due consideration for the health of each other.   In other words, the new edict applies to both males and females.

Given that a majority of sexually active Catholics, at least in the developed world, do use contraceptives to begin with, it is as I said an important step forward.   Again it is being stressed that sex outside of marriage is wrong; but if one does so it's better to be safe than sorry.   Which is what many of us in the laity have been saying all along.

One does have to wonder ... could this put the kibosh on JP2's candidacy for sainthood (a saint, after all, is someone who never sinned in his or her human life)?   Or is the current Pope asking for trouble coming his way?   We all remember what happened to Albino Luciani (JP1) when he tried to clean up corruption at the Vatican Bank -- he was assassinated within one month of his election.   God forbid it should happen now, of course, but with Sark becoming a democracy two years ago Vatican City is the last feudal state left in Europe -- and the powers that be that really run things, want to keep it that way.

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