Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bring it on, North Korea

With so much of our military resources tied up in Afghanistan it's hard to imagine anything more than a token role for Canada if as it is almost certain North Korea launches what it calls a "sacred war" against the South.   But if there was ever a time to speak out against the sixty year enslavement of over 24 million people it is now.   Canada and other democracies should be ready to take out the senior command of this vassal state on a moment's notice and have a slush fund ready for the massive reconstruction of the North -- not to mention a legion of deprogrammers to get the masses out of their unwilling and collective coma of submission.

We stood with the South all those decades ago.  It would be dereliction of duty to sit on our asses now.

Merry Christmas folks ... God willing, I'll be back with more thoughts next week.

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CanadianSense said...

I thought you were talking about the NDP,Liberal and Bloc voters for a minute that believe the socialist dogma of a free lunch.

The collectivist culture will take years to break. I am glad you realize North Korea and Liberals share the same mindset and free markets with Conservatives are the solution.

CanadianSense said...

In this minority parliament can you tell me if the opposition parties voted against the bailout of the American auto companies and parts industry in Ontario-Quebec.

I am against corporate welfare. Can we cancel the supply management for Ontario-QC dairy farmers next?

I am against corporate welfare for Samsung and building Giant Fans and a 50% increase to my hydro bill.

The party of Bay Street are the Liberals. Chretien changed the rules and your team has not been able to recover.

Tacking left with Donolo-Graves playing the culture war card won't work with a war chest.

Best of luck with You-tube and radio spots.

Anonymous said...

Do you have anything to say about the actual topic at hard? You know, about the Canadian government being ready in case of the UN finally ending the Korean War. Seriously, you're just making reformatards look stupider than usual with your off-topic rambling.