Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day after ...

Results (unofficial):

  • Conservatives 162
  • NDP 102
  • Liberals 34
  • Bloc 4
  • Green 1

Mr Harper may well have his long sought majority now, but he needs to understand that while he has the power the majority of Canadians who did not vote for him have the pen and the streets.  No more complacency, no more willing submission to que sera sera, we will not be silent.   As long as there is even one lone voice crying out in the wilderness, Harper will always need to keep one eye behind his shoulder.

Anyways, congratulations to all those who were elected and those who weren't but ran ... standing up for what you believe in is what counts.   A big shout out in particular to Jack Layton who has finally made democratic socialism a viable option for Canadians (and finally did what Mulroney, Chrétien, Martin and Harper could not do -- decimate the Bloc) and to Elizabeth May who did the same for environmentalism.

It's no time for commiseration, but the fact is 60% of us didn't want Harper ... we need to replace the archaic first past the post system and the sooner the better.  At the very least I'd like the option to rank candidates rather than pick the least worst out of an undesirable pack of local nominees.

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Terrance said...

89.1% voted against the Liberals.

69.4% voted against the NDP.

Your point is moot.

Anonymous said...

I understand your point, Terrance. But do you realize your math is wrong?
The Vote For and Vote Against need to add up to 1.


Anonymous said...

Harper's numbers are remarkably similar to Chretien's both in seats and percent. Why would Harper behave differently?