Thursday, July 28, 2011

What if what happened in Norway, happened here?

If what happened last weekend in Norway -- the murders of 70+ people -- were to happen here in Canada, what would our reaction be?   Would we retrench and abandon our decades-old open door policy on immigration and adhere instead to a "Nativist" (i.e. white supremacist) attitude?   Or would we refuse to back down, saying, "Not here, not in our country" with respect to the act alone and keep things just the way they are.

It's worth asking since we now know that the alleged attacker was not a Muslim (as many instantly presumed at first -- after all, Norway is of our NATO allies) but a self proclaimed "Christian Nationalist."   Sounds a lot like Ted Kacynski or Timothy McVeigh, doesn't it?    The acts of a serial killer and a mass killer, respectively, only served to entrench the status quo.   In other words, no matter how rational they may have seen their acts, the "rest of society" turned out to be the more rational ones.   But I do fear that now we may have several "Kingdom Now" dominionists within the corridors of power in Ottawa, whether the semi-rational PMS will cave in to the narrow interests that elected him or fight for the common good.

More on this in a future post and where I think Canada needs to go to protect our citizens while keeping our doors open -- concepts which I believe do not contradict each other.

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