Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DSK walks

In probably his most humiliating moment since becoming Manhattan's DA, Cyrus Vance Jr has dropped all seven charges against Dominique Strauss Kahn in the allegation that he raped a hotel worker, now identified as Nafissatou Dialou -- and the courts have also denied Vance's request that a special prosecutor be appointed.

Whenever money or an immigration issue is involved, it always seems to be one of those cases where it could go one way or the other.   I honestly think that had it gone to trial, DSK would have beaten the charges.   But the fact he had to give up his job at the IMF as well as losing any chance to be the challenger to Nicolas Sarkozy in next's year's presidential race in France makes one wonder theses things.   First, if he is innocent why did he have to get hounded the way he did -- and if he did pay for sex, how much?   Second, if he was guilty, what does it say that he's the latest suspect to get off on a technicality?   And third, if DSK won't be running against Sarkozy, then who?   The Socialists and the other left-wing parties were finally getting their act together for once and prepared to have a unified front in the run-off round and bring an end to 16 years of Gaullist rule.

I shudder at the fact the daughter of the hated Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marine, could actually lead the neo-Nazist National Front to a threshold of 20% or more of the popular vote.

On the other hand, France probably needs someone more than just a technocrat.   It has big problems and probably people there as well as Germany and the other relatively well-off Eurozone members are getting tired of bailing out the PIIGS.

In my next post, I'll write about who I think should lead the NDP and how I think the left, whether as a united party or a grand coalition (Orange-Red-Green) should prepare for the War of 2015.

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