Wednesday, November 23, 2011

When you can see the rebar sticking out, you have a problem

The idea behind reinforcing concrete with steel rebar is to ensure the concrete doesn't rip itself out during the expansion and contraction caused by temperature swings.

Yet just walk or drive around Hamilton.   You can easily see one or more rebar lines sticking out of light standards, overpasses, tunnels and so forth.   It could just take one bad weather event, or a major spike or crasg of temperature (say, in the order of 20 degrees Celsius) over a few hours for one of them to go Timber.   The city couldn't claim force majeure on this one, because they are supposed to be maintaining the infrastructure to a good standard.   Just as it is responsible for potholes, it too would be if a poorly maintained light pole comes tumbling down.

This is am embarrassment and an accident just waiting to happen, just as it has on several occasions in Montréal.   We pay some of the highest property taxes in the country and this is what we get?   Would it hurt too much to strengthen what's there if it is too much just to replace it all?

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The Rat said...

Dude, you're a Liberal, you don't get to complain about high taxes and poor services! You guys chose social programs over infrastructure and considering infrastructure doesn't vote, well, you're stuck paying for those homeless shelters and social housing despite those not being a city's core responsibility.

Just to be more cheeky, what do you want to cut in order to get that rebar fixed?