Friday, November 9, 2007

Mussolini-ette busts right wing grouping in EU

On the darker side of the news comes word that the far-right grouping in the European Parliament (which is mostly a farce to begin with; its only real power is to approve the EU budget -- the real decisions are made by the Eurocrats) is on the verge of collapse after Alessandra Mussolini, grandaughter of Benito, used a rather inappropriate slur to describe Romanians. She called them "habitual law breakers."

I'm trying hard not to chuckle as I write these words but find it hard. For with the withdrawal of five right-wing Romanian MEPs, the group which calls itself "Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty" is now down to 18 and it needs 20 to be an official "party." Not unlike the quota of twelve in Canada's lower house.

I see it as a hopeful sign that some of the truly dark days of European history are truly over and that ethnic bigotry in whatever form is simply not acceptable, in the EU, Canada or anywhere else. Just because some members of an ethnic group commit crimes should not cast aspersion on the group as a whole.

Personally, I think what Mussolini's beef is with Romania's anticipated accession (along with Bulgaria) to the Schengen acquis four years hence; and with it further expansion of the open border regime in Europe. Nine other countries are joining the zone next month with two (or three) more next year. While eliminating border controls has no doubt been a boon for trade and tourism in the zone as it is currently constituted right now (and will be for the new members) it's also led to the exacerbation of illegal immigration and along with it resentment of recipient countries at those immigrants; and a failure of nativists to distinguish between legitimate migrants and those who just jump borders to take advantage of another state's social programs.

Not to mention that with open borders gun control can end up being a farce, especially if one wants to smuggle a gun from a "guns for all" state to a "guns for none." Frankly if I was Mussolini, I'd be more worried about illegals from Switzerland -- there gun ownership is mandatory and men are far more likely to murder their wives with a gun than in Italy.

As always there must be respect for the law ... but I think Lou Dobbs must be wondering if there's inspiration to be had in his battle to make America "the way it used to be" and building a Berlin Wall along the Mexican and Canadian borders.

The way it used to be? Uh, like before the white people stole land from Native Americans? If the right wing is losing its tracks in Europe one can only hope it's a matter of time before the nativists in America and Canada are exposed for who they truly are.

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Anonymous said...

Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty. Stephen Harper's three pillars.

So where will these far right Romanian MEPs go, these "mixed blood Italian gypsies" according to Vladimir Zhirinovsky?

I suggest that this faction expel Alessandra instead. She looks out of place with the Vlaams Blok and France's National Front.