Monday, November 19, 2007

Underdogs face off in Grey Cup

I can't remember the first time we've had an all-Western Canadian football final. On Sunday, two underdogs -- the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers -- will meet in Grey Cup XCV. (That's 95, for those who can't read Roman numerals.)

Actually seeing two teams no one but a few took seriously at the start of the season makes me want to watch the game this Sunday; the first time in several years I've wanted to watch. Good luck to both teams.

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CfSR said...

I think it has the potential to be an interesting game.

Having hoped for a Montreal-Calgary final...

And then having hoped for a Toronto-BC final (if I have to watch football that involves neither Montreal nor Calgary) I want to see the best teams...

I can accept an Prairie final. It just doesn't really excite me.

Neither team looked great in the final.

And it isn't even the first all prairie Grey Cup.

2001 Calgary 27, Winnipeg 19

1993 Edmonton 33, Winnipeg 23

1992 Calgary 21, Winnipeg 10

1990 Winnipeg 50, Edmonton 11

And for the all-west (if Winnipeg is really western) fans:

1988 Winnipeg 22, British Columbia 21

leftdog said...

Yes this a first! Saskatchewan and Winnipeg have been rivals for decades. A lot of those years, both teams played in the Western CFL Conference but now that Winnipeg is in the East ... we get to go at it!

I went out today to sign the banner that will be put up in the Riders dressing room from fans in Regina!