Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hamilton Mayor admits leak

Just when you thought things couldn't get any crazier, the Mayor of Hamilton, Fred Eisenberger, admitted leaking confidential information from a closed door council session. The odd thing is he discussed the information with a reporter "off the record," but a tape of this conversation also off the record somehow leaked out. Eisenberger insists someone broke into his office and stole the tape.

Just goes to show you that nothing is really off the record anymore ... but it does put a bit of a dent in Eisenberger's otherwise impeccable record for ethical leadership. On the other hand, admitting the security breach in itself shows leadership. Unlike his Conservative cousins in Ottawa, that's really refreshing.

Meanwhile, there's continued talk about the LRT proposal but it's just that, talk. We need something solid to discuss so it can be put forward for a vote. If Montréal and Ottawa are able to get moving and Toronto is seriously considering tramlines as its future, what's the big deal here in The Hammer?

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Anonymous said...

Good for him for stepping up.

LRT? Geez I was excited at having a North-South bus route ie new Wentworth bus. :D

BlastFurnace said...

Hey April. Sorry I didn't moderate your comment earlier ... it's been one of those days.

My understanding is that there is a lean more towards light rail because of the development opportunities it presents as opposed to bus rapid transit where routes could be changed any time.

The North-South route (called the A-line) is supposed to run along James and Upper James from the Gore to the Airport with a possible spur line down Mohawk to Limeridge. It's possible long term Upper Wentworth would become a second north-south.