Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hampton walks away

Yesterday, Howard Hampton announced that he is resigning as the leader of the Ontario NDP. While I disagreed with him on much and could never find a way to vote for the party, I think he was absolutely right about the mess that came from electric deregulation; the ramifications which we will have to deal with for decades to come.

In last year's election he was trying to discuss some of the other real issues that are affecting Ontario greatly, especially child poverty and long-term care which are items I am also worried about. The election instead was fought over public education which while important is only one piece of the puzzle to make this province competitive again. They are issues that need to continue to be discussed. In that respect, it's now more regrettable than before that Ontario voters rejected proportional representation -- we should have the right to split the ticket if we so wish so we can have as many views as possible represented.

I respect people of principle, and Hampton was certainly that.

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