Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sports betting in Ontario?

The government of Ontario is now considering allowing people to bet on single games at casinos and racetracks -- not just the three game parlays they are limited to right now. The hang up right now is that the Criminal Code would have to be amended so the change could be made national; and we know how much PMS and Dalton McGuinty hate each other.

Presuming this change is allowed, what's next? Allowing betting on anything such as which celebrity will die next, or who will win the next papal conclave? There are already issues with organized crime laundering money through them and just barely escaping the radar with the $10,000 rule. This really is pushing it.

Despite some of mymisgivings about casinos, the ones set up here tend to be a lot saner than the free for alls that exist in Las Vegas. A little regulation is a good thing.

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