Wednesday, September 10, 2008

They were against it, before they were for it

The media has the final call, but Harper and Layton have backed off their opposition and it looks like Elizabeth May of the Green Party is in the debates. But remember, they were against it before they were for it.

Can you say, Red-Green coalition? It's not impossible. They're quite common in the EU, after all.

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northwestern_lad said...

Umm Robert, if that's the line you want to go with , the "against it before they were for it", the same can be quiet easily said about Stephane Dion and the Carbon tax. There are more than enough of those quotes out there to make that line fit for Mr. Dion too.

BlastFurnace said...

Point taken, Cameron. But the same could be said of the Conservatives. They were against official bilingualism, now they're for it. They were against alternative fuels, now they're for it (albeit tepidly at best). They were against federal tax credits for political contributions as well as matching funds, now they're for both(and exploited the latter to the max with "in and out.")

The late Tim Russert was famous for "catching" people from both parties in inconsistencies. I can't figure out why the Canadian press are so eager to go after Dion but not the other leaders.

red and proud said...

The Conservatives used to also be against the PM being able to arbitrarily call an election whenever he felt like it yet here we are going to the polls, and in violation of the Conservatives' own election law!