Saturday, March 28, 2009

Watch group issues donor alert on Miracle Channel

My brother in Jesus Christ, Tim Thibault of Under the Son Ministries in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, has this week issued a "donor alert" about CJIL, aka The Miracle Channel. Included in his latest post are the two most recent complaints he has filed with the CRTC about the station and its on air fundraising practices and the station's responses. Note in particular within the transcripts the appeal made to Canada's First Nations.

I will not comment further either on the donor alert or the station's response, but encourage you to read the post and the attachments within and come to your own conclusions about whether the station is riding the line regarding fundraising versus proselytizing and politicking. If anyone at the station wants to add to what has already been said by Mr. Klassen in the replies to the CRTC, I will post the comment here (at the original blog, but not on Facebook where posts are cc'd), also without further comment.

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