Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dare to be a Daniel, Obama

This past week, the White House came out quite openly with its reason why it's relcutant to give interviews to Fox News -- because it's a syncophant for the Republican Party.
Yeah, like we knew that already. But the Obama Administration is wrong in its attitude.
There's that old Christian hymn, "Dare to Be a Daniel." If you believe in your message, you have to be willing to defend it in the lion's den. If you don't you're no longer a lion, but a chicken.
When America is this close to having real health care reform, boycotting the enemies of change is not the way to get the legislation passed. You have to fight in every corner, face every opponent. To do any less is to throw in the towel before the opening bell has rung.
Sorry about the lack of posts this week -- my computer has really gone nuts. It's a dinosaur and I'm going to have to replace it, soon. When security patches now cover a quarter of the hard drive, well you get the idea.

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Rotterdam said...


Obama has every thing to gain by going on Fox. He is only hurting himself.
I remember that hymn in the Baptist Church.