Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Big Biz: Open season to plunder. Big. Effin. Surprise.

Oh neat ... besides drill baby drill,  Big Biz in America wants unlimited logging rights in that country's national forests.    Like there isn't already.   Because the same multi-park passes can be used for both parks and forests many may think that means both classes are run by the same people, and they're not.

Many people forget that while National Parks are under the jurisdiction of the Interior Department, federal treelands are under the purview of the Agriculture Department.   So it's really managed logging rather than the general free for all on most timberlands.

I don't have an issue with managed logging, but the key word is management.    It may be time to pull another Clayoquot Sound and have some more civil disobedience to get the message out that public forests are for the people's benefit, with timber dues going to the people.

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