Thursday, July 29, 2010

When all else fails, send in ... Mike Duffy

From respected journalist to on-air Con shill to Senator, the downfall of Mike Duffy has been slow and steady.    Now it's just about complete with Duffy being sent in as the point-man to represent the government on-air regarding the current turmoil in the Mounties' top management.

The Red Serge may have a lot of problems right now, but is The Duff the best Harper can send in?

Moreover, if a civilian was needed to clean up the mess in the first place, why didn't Harper appoint someone who actually had prior civilian police oversight?   Bill Elliott was at Indian Affairs, the Coast Guard, Transport and then National Security Advisor.    Not exactly my first choice for a job this massive.   And there probably wouldn't be this uproar in the ranks of the RCMP right now.

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Brian Busby said...

Well, at least the optics were better this time. Duffy wasn't in black tie and he appeared to be sober. That said, it is a bit grasping to begin by launching into a forty-year-old exchange that he did not witness involving Jean-Pierre Goyer and a man he identifies only as "Deputy Commissioner So-and-So".

Dennis Hollingsworth said...

I used to respect DoughBoy ... oh about 10 years ago ... good luck defending Elliot the quintessential Harpie clone.

Dennis Hollingsworth said...

I love Vic Toews comments ... trying to appear surprised, whilst not adding one iota of substance to the topic. Vic rabbits on to state the obvious & what we all already know.
Why not level with Canadians and tell us straight out that Eliot was hand-picked by his long lost twin ... the one & only DICTATOR STEVE.