Monday, January 24, 2011

Is nothing sacred? (Wal-Mart and battlefields edition)

The company Wal-Mart's tactics against labour and communities -- and even the companies that supply the stores -- are well documented.   But locating near a Civil War battlefield?    This is a new low for the Waltons.
There have been many zoning battles across Canada and the United States fighting not so much the arrival of a Wal-Mart but rather where new stores ought to be sited.    Hamilton I think is saturated -- with three superstores and a traditional mall store, and another one across the bay in Burlington ... soon, there will be two more big boxes to replace the mall shop both within a ten minute or so drive of each other.  Stratford has been fighting a long battle to keep Wal-Mart from building a megashop smack in the tourist area where the theatres are -- and justly so.

Some areas just aren't meant for slave labour produced merchandise.   Certainly not a battlefield for heaven's sake, even if some of the soldiers did fight for slavery.

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James Makoetla said...

Wal*mart is America's largest private employer, yet the 1 million workers who put on that red, white and blue nametag each week have zero bargaining power when it comes to their pay, benefits and working conditions.

I have been there, I know exactly how this biggest employer operates.
Wages are not only well below living wage, emplyees are paid less than comparable jobs at other retailers. Great post! Check my blog at Read my article "CUSTOMERS SUPPORT WAL*MART TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EMPLOYEES".