Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Refudiate, homophones!"

We must be living in a land of idiots when it is not just implied but ordered that straight Catholic teens cannot be or make friends with gay or lesbian Catholics on or off campus, such as in Halton Region.

What ... and you actually expect me to be friends with a "homophonic" -- no seriously, someone I overheard at a Timmies on the way to whatever I was doing today, came up with this reaction to the fact the Halton Catholic School Board is being forced to backtrack on a truly stupid decision.  She said she was a "homophonic," of course she meant to say homophobic but this shows you her kind of class.

Perhaps there is an argument to be made that we do what Newfoundland and Labrador did -- nationalize all the schools and get the religion out of there.   If parents want to install values of hatred, they can set up their own private schools without provincial accreditation.

Forget the Nazi analogy, too ... any legitimate argument ends when someone even attempts to invoke a sui generis of that type.

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Anonymous said...

It is worth reminding you that the Catholic school board gets full funding from the taxpayer to run their schools as they see fit. Further, no other religion or group has this privelege in Ontario.

McGuinty fought to keep this status quo.

To be fair no other premiere in Ontario has had the stones to correct this unfairness because of the power of the Catholic vote. McGuinty won't touch it next fall.

BlastFurnace said...

Unfortunately, someone has to have the cojones to do so. And I think that as time goes on and as the older generations slip away, there will be just enough support from Catholics to put an end to this really silly and unnecessary segregation ...

... the hold up is that to change the system would require changing the Constitution. And traditionally it's been the Senate (surprise, surprise) that has been the main hold out -- even with the relatively recent change with Newfoundland, the Senate used its six month hoist before the House passed the amendment a second time to override the Senate's rejection.

Nothwithstanding (pardon the expression) that the amendment was supported by most Catholics in the province but opposed by most Protestants at referendum

It wasn't that long ago (say, before World War II) that a Catholic could be excommunicated for joining what became the NDP, or for that matter the YMCA. As time goes on, inflexible attitudes change.

Mine included.