Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Is it too much to demand a REAL Parliament?

As the House of Commons is now back in session, I have the following questions:

Is it too much to ask that titles of bills and acts are as neutral as possible so as to state the purpose -- eg. "Criminal Law Amendment Act No. 1, 2013" rather than propaganda such as  "Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act"?

Is it too much to ask that our Members of Parliament be allowed to ask real questions and expect real answers rather than talking points -- especially answers that don't even answer the question but reel off propaganda about something totally different?

Is it too much to ask that there are no standing ovations for the delivery of the most mundane of answers?

Is it too much for MPs from one party to stop "unaccepting" letters of condolence from MPs of another party, for the loss of a family member -- just because they don't want to be tainted with the stain of "evil"?

Is it too much to demand that we stop those stupid media events where a minister stands in front of a backdrop giving talking points -- rather than making those speeches where they belong, in ministers' statements after Question Period and introducing the bill right there and then?   I thought introducing or even discussing the possible content of bills outside of the legislature constituted contempt of Parliament.

Is it too much to ask that we stop the personality of cult around the Prime Minister that we see in dictatorships, like Russia and North Korea?

Well, yes.   It is too much to ask.  After all, this is Canada.

Whose'  the rednecks now?

Even Westminster and the national assemblies in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have way more respect for the people than this.

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