Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The housing problem in the Great White North

Strangely I have had little to say about this year's election in Canada.  I can't understand why since there appears to be an actual race and Jack Layton of the NDP is becoming a viable contender for second place.    (The best I, personally, could hope for is some kind of alliance with the Liberals and NDP that does not need the Bloc.)  But there was something on the news last night that just made me furious.   It was something about an Aboriginal (mostly) district in northwestern Québec and the fact that there's a fifteen year waiting list for new housing -- not to mention there are as many as three families per unit for what they do have and it's just about the time of spring melt when everything starts cracking up again.

Not to mention the rate of TB is several times the national average.

How can we possibly tolerate this in Canada?    Even more impossible to imagine is the near silence of the opposition parties.   The dead silence of PMS that wants to make a man want to have PMS.

They are the real founders of Canada -- and this is how we treat them?

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Harper shuts students out

I've been away from this space for a while but I feel I have to speak up about the news that some people were kicked out of Conservative events on the Harper tour because organizers recognized those persons as having been photographed with Michael Ignatieff.   I agree the medium is the message, but that doesn't mean manipulating the medium to make the message.   Most thinking people can see right through that.   We're not talking about suspected members of Al Qaeda or ETA.

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