Sunday, June 3, 2007

John Howard's "Green Plan"

Stephen Harper of Canada and John Howard of Australia must be soulmates. How else to explain Oz's latest climate change plan which calls for a 20% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2020 (and holding it at that level) and which heavily relies on trading in emission credits? (A concept which he rejected just four years ago.) This is so much like Harper's plans to rely on "intensity" that one can't help wonder how Howard plans to pull it off.

Howard's main opponent, Kevin Rudd of Labour, is aiming for a much more aggressive target of 60% by 2050. Already, Howard is predicting economic disaster if Rudd wins -- using pretty much the same talk Harper uses to dismiss Stéphane Dion here in Canada.

Howard's going for a fifth term this fall -- um, spring. An opinion poll done for the Rupert Murdoch organization shows Rudd's opposition alliance ahead 53-47. That's a swing of five percentage points from a month ago in favour of Howard's coalition government but after 11 years there may finally be fatigue with the incumbent.

Wonder if what's happening on the other side of the planet might hold some lessons for Canada?

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