Sunday, June 3, 2007

On a clear day, you can see Hamilton

Yet another industrial fire spewing toxic smoke in Hamilton's North End. This time it's consuming part of a warehouse by a former steel fence plant, now used by a computer parts recycler. The hospitals in town have been on super high alert all day.

I thought Ontario had an "Environmental Bill of Rights" that was supposed to register places like these ...

We still haven't gotten over the Plastimet disaster ... or the tire fire in Hagersville to the south of us. If our experience with both Dofasco and Stelco is any indication for so-called "inadvertent" violations of the law the owners will just get a ticket for $300. How about compensating the families evacuated for being inconvenienced, huh?

Any one want to suppose when Stephen Harper will have anything to say about this? Or will he get another round of applause from his financial backers for his "we'll tolerate anything" environmental policy?

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