Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pete Peters, TBN, and Peter Popoff -- oh my!

From our friends at the Wittenburg Door comes this classic segment (WMV and QT) from "Godstuff" which was a feature that ran for three seasons on Comedy Central's The Daily Show when it was hosted by -- Craig Kilborn. This is both the funniest and scariest one of the roughly ninety they did. Love or hate Ole Anthony and Joe Bob Briggs, they sure know how to poke fun at religion while making their point about the cults. Remember:
  • the ceramic 8 1/2" St. Michael kicking Satan's butt, price $500?
  • the miracle spring water that saved "thousands" from Chernobyl?
  • Pete Peters? (Besides this whopper, he's also a leader in the "white identity" movement.)

And the best church commercial ever: Shady Grove's "Dressed to Go."

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