Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Revisiting Dubya's supporters: Tom Monaghan (Part Trois)

More trouble at the controversial Ave Maria University, specifically its school of law. Apparently fed up with the in-house muck that has been flowing through from AMU to watchdog sites like AveWatch.org, the administration has banned its staff and students from using the e-mail "for any other activities or purposes that are intended to or are reasonably likely to undermine or damage, tangibly or intangibly, the successful operations of our Law School."

Really? Why didn't it take that stand when a non-employee -- a priest, for heaven's sake -- was allegedly using the server to store his personal collection of child pornography?

Is this the same AMU run by Tom Monaghan, an avowed supporter of Dubya and who wanted to ban even soft core film in his personal fiefdom of Ave Maria, Florida (one of only two towns in the state which thanks to Monaghan's buddy Jeb Bush has been completely stripped of local democracy -- the other is Celebration, the "planned community" inside Walt Disney World)? The same AMU committed to the highest moral and ethical standards? Or is the AMU that has put forward not a conservative brand of Catholicism as it claims, but a perverted one? (And I mean perverted in both the literal and allegorical senses.)

Consider -- a hotly disputed firing of its provost, possible revocation of its accreditation (which would also mean the end of student loans at the school) and now this.

Glad I didn't become a priest. The temptation to become a paedophile or a pimp would have been way -- well, too tempting, it just would have been there and I would have gotten away with it with the help of complicit bishops like Bernard Law. Besides, there are far more appropriate Catholic universities out there where I'd want my kids to go if they were considering a private US college education -- Notre Dame and Georgetown to name just two.

"Honour and dignity"? Is this Dubya's idea of that?

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