Thursday, August 16, 2007

CARE to USAID: Shove it!

I'll probably write more about this later today after work, but for now all I can say is Kudos to CARE for telling the US Agency for International Development -- USAID -- to take a hike and keep the $45 million it donates to CARE for food aid.

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S.K. said...

I would say that any food aid is probably a bad idea. Food has been the only limiting factor on population growth in Africa since well forever. When you take millions of people even displaced people, with no economy, no infrastructure, no education, many times no homes and just give them food you know what you get, twenty years later you have Mogadishu or Darfur, four or five times the population with the same problems, which have only been exasberated five times because of increased population.

Food aid has always been wrong and has always caused more problems than it has solved and has always led to bloody brutal wars in the regions where it has been provided.

It also just leads to the necessity of more food aid. History is history. The same thing happened in Europe. Every war in European history before WWI was about food and popualtion growth. Only massive disease, out migration and eventually birth control alleviated this cycle.

War is the inevitable result of food aid. It should all be stopped. and for anyone who thinks I'm heartless, how is living in a camp with no education no job and no hope until someone hacks you to death with a macchete any better than letting nature take its course when its inevitable. Instead we should just focus on infrastructure, education, better farm practices and economic development and yes birth control, which also improves all health indicators in a region.