Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Money for Nothing: The Magazine

If those of the cloth want to know why people are so cynical of religion, they only have to look in the mirror and see the hypocrites in their midst.

Such as this guy, one Jason Christy, who collected money for ads to a Christian magazine ... then allegedly pocketed the money for himself.

Christian publishers like Gary McCullough, director of the Christian Communication Network and a competitor of Christy’s, accuse him of running an “ongoing scheme that has defrauded many Christians.”

McCullough says Christy uses his website to prompt Christian churches and organizations to buy ads for the corresponding magazine but then prints only “a few hundred copies” and mails them “as if they are part of a much larger distribution.” Then, after the ministry has spent thousands of dollars and begins to ask for tear sheets or copies of the magazine, Christy balks, McCullough said.

“Each month Christy would apologize and give an excuse or wonder himself why I had not received copies of the magazine with my ad,” McCullough said. “This was all an elaborate con. The Church Report was never printed with my ads—because it was never printed.”

Christy apparently continues to sell ads and collect payment, claiming a circulation of 30,000, even though there apparently has been no print version of the magazine published in more than a year.

And these are the people who keep voting Republican, time after time after time. Simply breath-taking.

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Jay said...

All the child rape got me turned of religion.