Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Sesame Street Bus

This is an old joke that goes back a bit, but it's still a good one.

A subway driver gets the scare of his life when his train is hijacked and forced to take a joyride all around a major city. He's dealt with muggings and stabbings, but this one breaks his nerve. He tells his supervisors he's sick and tired of driving underground -- but since he's a few years away from "thirty and out" he uses his bumping rights and demands a surface route. Not wanting to lose a loyal employee, the transit company agrees.

He shows up at the bus depot a week later and is stunned to learn he's been assigned the Sesame Street run. He shrugs and begins his rush hour run.

At the first stop, a better built woman steps on board. "Hi, you must be the new driver," as she swipes her smart card against the meter. "My name's Patty." She takes a seat near the front.

Several stops later, another better built woman steps on board. "Oh, you're the new driver," she says, and she takes her pre-paid ticket and validates it in the meter. As the printer stamps the card and it beeps, the woman says, "My name's Patty." She takes a seat in the middle of the bus.

Two miles down, a middle aged man boards on. He pays cash, then tells the driver, "Hi, my name's Saul, and I'm special!" He then bends down, takes off his socks and picks some bunions off his feet. He then puts his socks and shoes back on and goes to the back. The driver, who's seen it all as a train operator on the subway, is really dazed.

The rest of his shift is otherwise uneventful. He comes home, and his wife asks him how the buses were.

"If I have another day like this one, I'm going to take the package as soon as they offer it. I just can't wait four years until I make my 30."

"What happened?" asked his wife.

"What happened???? Two all-beef Patties, special Saul on his knees, picking bunions on a Sesame Street Bus!"

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