Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Giants, Patriots -- on TWO networks

Now this is very interesting. For the first time since Super Bowl I, not just one but two US networks will broadcast what could be the biggest NFL game this year: Giants v. Patriots. The stakes couldn't be higher: The Pats are attempting to become the first team in 35 years to have a perfect regular season.

This rather remarkable turn occured when someone realized that the NFL Network is only available on cable and satellite -- and only to half those who actually get cable or satellite. And that network was supposed to have the rights to the game. Another hang-up was that because of domestic exclusivity rules, people in Rhode Island and other parts of New England would have been blacked out all together unless they subscribed to the Sunday Ticket Package.

So, instead, CBS and NBC will simulcast the NFL Net's feed Saturday night, and insert their own commercials.

This one game has the potential of having a bigger audience than the Super Bowl itself. It may even get people to tune out of Hockey Night here in Canada; and I hope many do, hockey isn't the only thing in the world. The game'd better live up to the hype. Otherwise, people are going to be really pissed that two networks pre-empted their schedule for this, let alone the anger that already exists over the writers' strike.

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