Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I'll be friends with whom I want

Some people are annoyed, even upset, that I have friends who are small c-conservative or even further to the right -- in the bloggin community and beyond. Some have even asked me, "How could you?"

How could I not? I can be a tough cookie, but I am a likeable guy or at least I hope I am. I don't place conditions on friendship or being an acquaintance with someone who has different viewpoints than I do. This is not a country where thought control rules the day. I am not controlled by anyone, and no one controls me.

I've said time and again I wouldn't mind having a conservative significant other as long as she can think for herself and is not a dittohead who just repeats what others say. Until then, and even beyond then, I'll keep open the lines of communication. If you have a problem with that, tough noggies.

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1 comment:

Johnathon said...

I guess you have no problem being my friend.

Welcome aboard.

You're one of the few leftists who understand there are other points of view.