Thursday, December 13, 2007

Party on Brian, and Party on Karl!

The least one can say about Brian Mulroney is, at long last, he finally apologized for taking $300,000 from You Know Who. (Although he claims it was more like $225k.) What still bothers me is how he got involved with the German businessman in the first place. And how he managed to carry all that cash across the border when the law says one must declare to customs any transfers of cash or equivalent of $10,000 US or more.

Mulroney, however, directly accused Schreiber of committing perjury. If he has any proof of that, he'd better show it. Whatever credibility the former Prime Minister may have left is disappearing from the top half of the hourglass just like sand slipping through it.

All we need now are Men Without Hats -- um, Men Without Talent -- to join Brianstock and we can turn Parliament into Party Central. Even I'm getting bored by this story.

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1 comment:

penlan said...

Just to point out that Lyin' Brian did NOT apologize for taking $300,000 from Schrieber. All he said was that he made a mistake in doing so. There was no apology.

I enjoy your posts & have been reading your blog for some time now.