Thursday, June 30, 2005

Confidential sources, my foot!

VERY unsettling news today.

In the wake of SCOTUS declining to hear an appeal from two reporters in the Valerie Plame affair, Matt Cooper of TIME Magazine and Judith Miller of the NYT, TIME Magazine has announced that it will turn over Cooper's notes to federal investigators in a bid to keep him out of jail for contempt of court -- namely, his refusal to name names to the Grand Jury.

What about Robert Novak, who named Plame as a CIA agent nearly two years ago? We know he got his info from someone very, very deep inside the White House. Who's the real traitor here? Cooper and Miller, or the creep inside WH?

And if it's someone very close to Bush, what will he do when the truth comes out? And moreover, what about the idea of confidential sources? Is that what Dubya wants -- close whatever leaks there may be left, so he can run his Administration totally in secret? That's how Kim Jong Il runs North Korea.

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