Friday, November 10, 2006

Free online video worked against George Allen; let's make it work against Larry DiIanni

George Allen must rue the day YouTube was invented, because he was caught on tape sputtering that infamous "macaca" comment that helped Jim Webb go over the top the other day, just slightly, in Virginia -- in one reckless moment he may have singlehandedly handed Congress to the Democrats.

This morning, I read in the Hamilton Spectator that Fred Eisenberger, the most serious challenger to incumbent Larry DiIanni for the mayoralty but still woefully behind in donations, decided to go on YT with his own video. Staffers for DiIanni dismiss it as an act of desperation.

Hmmm ... anytime someone disses the Internet like that, they should be made to pay with their careers. Anyone remember the "De-Foley-Ate" campaign that helped the GOP win Congress back in 1994?

This Monday: Fred for Mayor!!!!!!

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