Thursday, February 8, 2007

In memoriam: Anna Nicole Smith

I didn't think I'd be doing this, but I have to say something about the sudden and shocking passing of Vickie Lynn Marshall, better known as Anna Nicole Smith.

Smith had that quantity that can often be called je ne sais quoi, a woman who knew how to extend her fifteen minutes of fame, and still be both endearing and annoying to the masses. Yet the later years of her life would turn out to be pure hell. After getting the coveted Playmate of the Year honour in 1993, she married someone sixty years her senior.

We all know how that one turned out: The billionaire oilman died eighteen months later and the will has been tied up in probate ever since. She did win a major legal victory for herself and all Americans last year when the Supreme Court ruled that she had the right to pursue the matter in federal court (normally, estates are a matter for the states). The case was remanded but not before a weird twist of events: First, her opponent in the probate case died; then she gave birth (the paternity is still being hotly contested); and just a few days after that her twenty year old son died from a drug overdose.

Not to mention her reality TV show. Let's not get into that.

Now with Smith's death, her daughter Dannielynn Hope is without a mother. We'll know in the coming days how the woman died. One may be repulsed at the kind of life she lived. That doesn't change the fact she was a devoted mother to not one but two children. It's possible the death of Daniel may have pushed her over the edge. The tragedy is that now, like Janis Joplin, she'll always be a candle in the wind. (The phrase was originally coined for Joplin, not Marilyn Monroe.)

Rest in Peace, Vickie.

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