Saturday, December 8, 2007

An ABBA Museum

Anne Murray has one. Shania Twain has one. And now ABBA's getting one. A museum.

Okay, so during their 10 year reign at the top of the pop group boards they actually brought more money into Sweden than Volvo, Saab or Ikea. Some of their songs I liked, some I didn't. And yes, I did see Mamma Mia at the Royal Alexandria in Toronto.

But I would want to visit Stockholm to see how urban planners have made the unlikely city work the past 300 years. And there are other museums in the capital of Sweden much more worth seeing. Heck, I'd rather visit Parliament than a shrine to the Spandex Four. Hard to believe someone would spend $30 million on that. Anyone remember the Canadian Humour Museum in Montréal? (It's now run by the Just for Laughs Corporation and is open by appointment only.)

This could very well be the city's Waterloo ... pardon the expression.

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