Wednesday, July 23, 2008


When a hunter shoots a bear, the hunter leaves the cub pack alone -- if the hunter knows what's good for him or her. The same goes for the Mafia -- they will kill one of their enemies but not that person's family. Even most powers that be know when to leave well enough alone unless you're Macbeth.

Of course, street gangs don't abide by those rules. We learned today that Jordan Manners' mother, Loreen Small, and Jordan's sisters were shot at last week. They all survived but it was close.

Yes, it's a rough part of Toronto, Jane-Finch. The particular street in question is one many delivery places simply refuse to deliver to after a certain time at night for security reason. But does anyone seriously believe it's just a coincidence that the rest of the Manners family was targeted like this? I mean, seriously.

I believe people aren't born hating, they acquire it. Someone has to break the cycle of hate and violence before a vibrant although troubled part of Toronto becomes a ghost town.

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