Thursday, January 8, 2009

Finally, arrests against the FLDS

It's about damn time, but two rival leaders of the British Columbia branch of the FLDS "church," Winston Blackmore and James Oler, have finally been charged with polygamy.

My question is, why didn't Bill "Fantastic" Vander Zalm, a social conservative worthy of Rush Limbaugh, didn't put a stop to the bullshit in Bountiful when he was Premier 20 years ago?

What about it, Bill -- or anyone else in the Socred administration at the time? Freedom of religion doesn't apply here, because freedom of religion cannot be used a shield to create unsustainable families. That in and of itself violates the social order which is why the law says only two people at a time can be married, whether they are of the opposite or the same sex.

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S931Coder said...

LOL. "violates the social order"

In what way??

BlastFurnace said...

Oh, let's see -- a lot of these women are forced to be their own grandmother, twenty times more or over?

Hugh McBryde said...

Yeah, well, that's what I thought too Blast. Truly, before you extend your views to the point where you have to publicly repudiate them in a way that will be, um, humiliating, try doing what Z and I did, read up.

There are excesses, it is true, among the FLDS, but they are not the devils you seem to suppose they are. Polygamy (actually "Polygyny" as practiced) is a fundamental of their faith, and as fundamentalists, they are not going to give up the core belief.

Since they aren't, you have little choice but to let them practice their religion or to join with other nations to exterminate them from the face of the earth and burn all copies of their books.

Since they aren't "Forced" by and large as you would suppose them to be, and since whatever "forcings" occur at similar rates (or more) in society at large, perhaps your attention should be focused elsewhere.

Canada, in May of 2006, was found to be recognizing polygamies for the purposes of breaking up marriages with divorce laws, to assign property, and to use inheritance law in the event of death.

You've already recognized the practice as legal, putting the djinn back in the bottle will, I think, prove impossible. All your mounties did was start the process towards inevitable formal legalization.