Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hypothetical question #2

Just when you thought the story about the woman who gave birth to octuplets, after she already had six children, could not get any more bizarre ... a major adult filmmaker in Hollywood, Vivid Entertainment, has offered Nadya Suleman $1 million plus a year of free health insurance for the family. That is ... if she agrees to start in a pornographic film, probably filed under their increasingly popular category of MILFs. (Google or Yahoo it if you don't know what that means.)

She may be tempted -- the hospital is still refusing to release the eight children until she can provide evidence she can provide them with an adequate place to stay, and as it is her present home is facing foreclosure for being behind about $23,000.

Whatever choices this woman has made -- and I am in no place to judge her -- she needs her children, she needs prayers, and she needs gifts, lots of them.

But -- and if I may be blunt -- this was not my idea of a "pearl necklace," if you know what I mean.

It's been a while since I asked my last hypothetical question (about sleeping with the boss or the boss's opposite sex significant other to get a long overdue promotion) -- so, folks: If the only way you could keep your children from going into foster care was to expose yourself to potentially millions of discerning men and women, both singles as well as crazy couples trying to spice up their lives -- and if you are already a mother -- would you take the money?

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