Thursday, July 23, 2009

Honour killing, times four

Looks like the car that smashed into a canal in Kingston, Ontario just didn't end up there by accident. All four of the victims were women and now three people from Montréal -- including the parents and brother of three of the women -- have been charged by Kingston authorities with four counts of murder one. Police aren't saying much yet, but this has all the markings of an honour killing.

Is it that? Or is this part of a long term strategy by some in our society to ensure the long term genocide of women in this country, simply because they dare to assert their God-given equal rights?
It may be just a coincidence, but the family is originally from Afghanistan, by way of Dubai -- both in a part of a world where honour killings are enthusiastically accepted by men as part of the culture even though the majority religion specifically condemns it.
There have been honour killings in this country before, committed by members of all major religions including Christianity, but just they haven't been reported as such until recently. They will continue unless we all stand up and say enough.
Sometimes I don't know what this world is coming to. Comments? (Please keep it clean.)

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Anonymous said...

Muslims are only 100 or so years behind Christians when it comes to atrocities and the horrible way they treat each others and humanity in general. The difference is Christianity spread to cultures who wouldn't take the bs as seriously as those in the middle east. You will still find Christians doing the same evils as Muslims. The first step is to destroy the religion as governance and introduce civil laws which takes away all authority of the church over people, marriage, etc.

We are able to control the nutbars in our society and put them to use. Its the same as rehabilitating the disabled.

katiebobatie said...

Thanks for your post, Blast Furnace.
It's an all out war on women. Transcending time, transcending religions.
I agree with you and Anon: enough is enough. When does this end?

Anonymous said...

We are able to control the nutbars in our society and put them to use. Its the same as rehabilitating the disabled.
7/23/2009 6:28 PM

Anon, your an embecile!
Perhaps you need to 'study' Jimmy Carter's words of last week.