Saturday, September 26, 2009

Iran can build the bomb: Tell us something we don't know

Yesterday's shocking news that Iran has a second, and underground, nuclear facility that is nuclear weapons capable, in fact whose sole purpose is to make the fuel for bombs (and too small for electricity) isn't really too much of a surprise at all. The fact that pretty much all the world's leaders stood up to condemn something that has been quite well known for some time is the surprise; in particular Russia and Mainland China, who even for them patience may have finally worn out.

I have to wonder if the pre-knowledge of this was the reason for the mass walkout at the UN General Assembly earlier this week, as Mamoud Ahmadninejad rose to address the body -- not merely his anti-Semitism and his open desire to wipe Israel off the map. Or why Obama withdrew, at least for now, the land based missile shield from Eastern Europe, to be replaced by a sea-based system.
Mad Mad must have been taken aback when he was confronted by this; that we know what they know. Tough noogies. I'm all for the concept of "atoms for peace," but the fact that my country of Canada has the ability to make nuclear weapons (even though we haven't) is a constant concern for security. Back at my time at McMaster University more than a decade, one could have easily walked into the nuclear reactor without any security checks. Not that I did, of course, but there were no swipe cards and easily defeatable door locks. What were they thinking (or were they at all)?
This is one time when an ultimatum is absolutely required. Personally I don't like the idea of military intervention; but if it achieves the goal of disarming Iran as well as freeing the people of Iran from the tyranny of the self-styled "Guardians," then so be it. I still think that it's the country the US and its allies should have invaded in the first place, not Iraq. To that end, maybe a land-based missile shield may not be such a bad idea after all; after all, Iran and North Korea aren't the only countries with ambitions to rule the world.
Sorry about the lack of blog notes this week, folks ... I've been too busy with other things.

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