Monday, January 11, 2010

Belfast, the EU's Cougartown

Don't you love it that when there's a major scandal in most parts of Europe, the man or woman responsible resigns or steps aside citing a "family illness"? Case in point: Northern Ireland and the "Mrs. Robinson is a cougar" kerfuffle -- the Premier has temporarily ceded executive power to one of his cabinet colleagues for at least six weeks, but still denies any wrongdoing by him or his wife.   OK, there's something about Irish women but is a near 60 year old married woman that desperate for satisfaction she needs to shack up with a 19 year old?    Hasn't she ever heard of marriage counselling?   And the husband -- if he knew what was going on why didn't he report it or call her out?

We need more political illnesses in Canada, say a sex scandal at 24 Sussex Drive. It'd be more honest than proroguing Parliament on a whim as seems to have become the pattern.  As it is, even the Senate or its committees can't  meet right now which is outrageous.

My guess as to why Harper pulled the plug -- the deficit for this year has ballooned to $70 billion or more.   Even in the States, while the President can suspend a Congressional session, he or she never does to preserve the independence of the legislature.

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