Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beyond reason and comprehension

This is simply beyond explanation. How the commander of an air force base, a Colonel on track to getting his first star as a general, well respected by the media and J-school students -- and trusted enough to fly the official plane of the Prime Minister, according to the Canadian Press -- not to mention a double major in political science and economics, how he of all people could be accused of double murder and double rape.

What does it say about this world when "Maple Leaf One" (I presume that's the PM's callsign -- Executive One is that of POTUS when he flies commercial), who's made supporting our troops a rallying call -- one of the few things uniting Canadians even if the political undertones are misplaced -- can't even trust his or her own pilot?

Presumed innocent until proven guilty, of course. But this is a huge black mark on those who serve the duty as "officers and gentlemen / gentlewomen" and, after having their morale finally boosted after so many years, have been shot back almost to where they were before.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think that it says anything. It says there was possibly at least one very bad, but successful man in Trenton. Pick another field, any field. I bet you could find a high up banker guilty of sexual assault but not yet caught as well. And heck, there are 80 or so missing women in Manitoba. I suspect you'll find a successful, full functioning male involved in some of those as well. The fact that the accused if from the military is a shock for many, but I fail to see what this man's actions have to do with the military per se.

Anonymous said...

Of course it could happen, though it is shocking. The fact that he is military is in the end no different than if he were a banker, or a doctor, or a politician.

I think the thing that may prove to be more shocking in this case is it doesn't appear from first reports that he is a serial rapist. That would be horrid enough. But the early indications are that he may actually be a serial killer.

They are now reviewing unsolved murder cases in areas where he has lived in the past.

If that is the case, there may well prove to be more shocking revelations to come.

Anonymous said...

Sociopaths come from all walks of life. In this instance being well-educated and having good social graces, being well-respected in the military, slowed down the investigation somewhat. The police were focusing on the neighbour Jones, certainly not suspecting Williams.

Apparently 1 in 25 people have the characteristics that make up the sociopathic mind, so the only thing I find incomprehensible about Williams is the characteristic of easily breaking rules, when the military decree is strictly the opposite for obvious reasons.

If this sounds like I think his goose is cooked, I do.