Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Double standard in cartoons? (And the Tea Partiers, too)

Over the last few years, some of the most familiar cartoon characters have had makeovers.   In particular, three female characters stand out.    No one seemed bothered when Strawberry Shortcake ™ and Holly Hobbie ™, created by Muriel Fahrion and the real Hobbie respectively, got worked up to look like sassy and sexy teenagers.    But a few months back, when Dora "The Explorer" Marquez ™ got a similar do-over, people flipped out.   In fact, some people I know are still calling New Dora a "slut".    Really.

Bit of racism, perhaps?   It's okay for a white teenager to look sexy but not a Hispanic?   What is wrong with parents these days?    Must be the same gang that started the whole Tea Party movement in the States.   Anti-immigrant, wants a Berlin Wall along the Mexican border, wants priests and ministers to check the ids of every congregant in the communion line.    Guess it's the new crime down there -- DWH.   Driving While Hispanic.

So ... how was your day.

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Anonymous said...

Please tell me you're joking.