Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mosque: Welcome to the neighbourhood

Guess what you can find within three blocks of Ground Zero?

A strip club, an abandoned Burlington Coat Factory store, a grocery and video store, a cell phone outlet, a Catholic church, an Episcopalian church, a sausage / pretzel vendor, the offices of the landlord (Silverstein and Co.) of what was the World Trade Center, buskers, pizzerias, City Hall.   And not too far away, Greenwich Village.

So what's the uproar with a community center, two blocks away, only part of which would serve as a mosque?   I mean, get real!

Folks, the nineteen evil-doers on 9/11 weren't even real Muslims.  They were about as apostate from Islam as you can get as much as OBL is.    And Muslims, true Muslims, suffered the injury and death of the destruction in as much measure as Christians and Jews did.

I suspect at this rate the planners will just give up and move the Cordoba Center to another part of Manhattan, where they'd be more welcome ... say, Harlem.   (Hey, the locals let the adulterous Bill Clinton open up his offices next to the Apollo, didn't they?)

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ridenrain said...

I guess the Muslin Canadian Congress must all be a pack of racists too because they clearly came out against this location.

Anonymous said...

They don't want a Muslim faith center built on "hallowed ground" despite it being a constitutional right.

This is the same party that voted down healthcare to first responders who are suffering because of their efforts on said "hallowed ground".

Stay classy rethuglicans.

Anonymous said...

I may be wrong but I don't remember either strippers, pretzel vendors or employees of the Burlington Coat Factory being the group killed 3000 people.

Anonymous said...

And I may be wrong but I don't remember anyone at that Mosque killing anyone on 9/11 either.

Do you?

Anonymous said...

Would you build a Serbian Orthodox church where Kosovos were massacred?
A German cultural center beside Auschwitz?
......not in good taste.

Anonymous said...


After reading the above link, could you please give your anti-American head a shake.